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After School Programs Q&A

After School Program Proposal Q&A

The questions below relate specifically to the After School Program Grant Proposal Guidelines.

For additional answers to more general questions, see the Frequently Asked Questions section of our general guidelines.

What does the Foundation mean by “Average daily attendance”?

Your program budget needs to show the cost of running a program that is appropriate to the number of youth you will serve on a typical day: your average daily attendance. Average daily attendance is more important than the raw number of individuals that you might enroll throughout the program year. There is no formula for cost per student, but your costs should be realistic given the scope and design of your program plan.

What attendance record system is preferred or required?

The Foundation expects all after school programs to take attendance and report the information. Many agencies use the “A-Plus” system, however we do not require a specific method; it is up to each program to decide. It is critical that youth attend on a regular basis over the course of the school year. A key guideline: each youth you enroll should attend at least 50% of the days your program is open.

What types of collaboration and partnering with other agencies does the Foundation expect?

There are no specific expectations. Where it is planned as an integral part of your program, it should be explained, and demonstrated with letters of support. The Foundation has always encouraged genuine collaborations and partnerships.

May an agency submit more than one proposal?

A program that operates in multiple sites serving the same age group in the same town should submit only one proposal. If you plan to operate different programs, you may submit more than one proposal. This is a highly competitive process. If you are not sure what to do, call first.

Will the Foundation decide to approve some proposals at less than the requested amounts?

Yes, a grant in a lesser amount than requested may be awarded. In such a case, the Foundation will require submission of a budget modification and revised program plan.

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