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Program Grants

Program Proposal Guidelines

2019 Proposal Deadlines:

January 18, 2019

July 12, 2019


Any outstanding reports due on existing grants must be submitted before a new proposal will be considered - use the report format.


These guidelines should not be used for after school programs. See our After School Proposal Guidelines.


The program proposal guidelines should be used for other academic school year programs. Deadline: April 5, 2019


For our service area in Connecticut - click here.

Proposals submitted that do not follow our format and guidelines, or lack required information, will not be reviewed by the Grants Committee. You will receive email confirmation to acknowledge receipt of the proposal.

Confidentiality:  The American Savings Foundation does not consider grant proposals to constitute confidential information.   We may discuss organizations or grant inquiries with other funders, individuals identified within the proposal, outside experts, and other appropriate people in the community.  Information you consider to be confidential or proprietary should not be included in your proposal.    

Proposal Format

  • We strongly recommend proposals be no more than 10 pages, plus attachments.
  • Do not mail video tapes or DVDs.
  • Use 12-point font.
  • Print the proposal one-sided with numbered pages.
  • Mail only one copy which must be unstapled and unbound.
  • Proposals must be mailed or hand delivered- no email proposals will be accepted.
    • Cover Page
      • Name and address of applicant organization.
      • Name and title of the organization’s chief executive with email address and phone number.
      • Name and title of primary contact with email address and phone number.
      • Title of proposed program.
      • Total program budget.
      • Amount requested.
      • Fiscal year ending: month/year.
      • Beginning and end dates of the program covered by this grant request (month/day/year)
      • Executive summary of program in about 40 words. This should describe your proposal succinctly in a useful “sound bite.”
      • Federal Tax ID number of the 501(c)(3) agency with fiduciary responsibility.
      • Signature of executive director, president, CEO, or board chair.

      Proposal Details

      1. Background and past performance
        • Briefly describe your organization and its capacity to conduct this program. Include your experience providing programs to your target population and community.
        • Past evaluations and outcomes for the requested program that are relevant to this proposal, if any.
      2. Scope of services
        • Explain the need for the program in the specific community where the program is to be delivered.  
        • Describe how the program or services will benefit the community and the lives of the people served.
        • Indicate measurable outcomes.  Be specific. 
      3. Program implementation and action plans
        • Describe how the program will work. Include program timetable.
        • Location(s) and facilities where services of the proposed program will be provided.
        • If the program depends on partner agencies, include letters of support that confirm specific commitments and the role that the partnering agency will play.
        • If your organization is involved is a community-wide coalition, describe your participation. How has participation influenced your program plans?
      4. Staff and Volunteers
        • List the job titles and responsibilities of staff who are responsible for delivering the proposed program.
        • If volunteers are an essential part of the proposed program how many are involved, and in general, what are the volunteers used for?
      5. Outcomes and reports
        • Show how you will report measurable outcomes to the Foundation.  What metrics and methods will you use? 
        • For interim and final reports, use the report format.
      6. Budget (See important information about grant amounts)
        • Provide a line-item budget for both the program and the amount requested in this proposal using the required budget format. The line-items in your budget (staff, supplies, etc) must reflect what you described in the Program implementation and action plans - section 4 above.
        • Provide notes to the budget, including an explanation of what is included in administrative overhead and any other items that require further clarification.
        • Future funding - address how the program will continue beyond the grant period.
        • Describe the overall financial condition of your organization and explain any operating deficit or surplus that appears in your financials.  
      7. Required attachments
        • Your organization's board approved operating budget for the fiscal year during which this program will operate.
        • Audited financial statements for the most recent fiscal year. If unavailable, explain why and provide a copy of your most recent unaudited financial statements. 
        • List of governing board members
        • Provide your most recent IRS form 990. If you are not required to file IRS form 990, explain why.

      To be reviewed during the Spring 2019 docket proposals must be postmarked or hand-delivered by January 18, 2019. To be reviewed during the Fall 2019 docket proposals must be postmarked or hand-delivered by July 12, 2019. Hand deliveries must be made to the Foundation by 5:00pm.

      Mail or hand-deliver your proposal to:

      American Savings Foundation
      185 Main Street
      New Britain, CT 06051
      (860) 827-2556

      Emailed proposals are not accepted